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Why my tap was rusty?

Taps do not rust, but the chrome surface is vulnerable to attacks by:
- Hydrochloric acid (HCl) which may contain some aggressive cleaning products.
- Methane gas (CH4), from drains.
Send photos or consult our technical department in case of doubts.

How much resists a Clever flexibles?

The flexible showerheads are manufactured according to UNE 1113 regulations, which, among others, withstand 500N traction for 60s without any defects.

How much resists a Clever cartridge?

Manufactured by Spanish manufacturers (CITEC and SEDAL) with ceramic material untouched by friction wear are able to withstand 70,000 maneuvers without defects according to EN 817 standard.

Do the flexible connections used in the faucet clever when they resist?

Manufactured by Spanish manufacturers (TUCAI and SEDAL) they are able to withstand 130 bar without defect according to norm EN 13618.

How much resists a Clever flexibles?

The flexible showerheads are manufactured according to UNE 1113 regulations, which, among others, withstand 500N traction for 60s without any defects.

How far apart should the wall outlets be to mount a bath-shower?

150mm. The eccentrics will be in charge of leveling any deviation: tolerance of + -15mm.

What is the diameter of the hole in the sink to mount the basin mixer?

Must be the standard 35mm measurement. For special faucets consult the factory.

What pressure should my installation have for the correct operation of the faucet?

The clever faucet is designed to work between 1 and 10 bar. The recommended pressure is 3 bar.

How should I fit the clever faucet properly?

We provide mounting instructions inside the faucet housing. For more information, consult the factory.

Can I put any waste with a Clever tap?

The quick-clack drains do not depend on the faucet to be fitted. The automatic drains with rod are compatible with the clever faucet because they have the necessary hole located in the back of the faucet.

How to clean my tap?

It will be sufficient with any common anti-lime product or with 50% vinegar / 50% water solution. Dry with a non-abrasive cloth.

Why the handsets and the fixed heads have rubber holes?

So that they can be cleaned with the finger. Otherwise, the holes can be plugged by the lime and as a result can increase the internal pressure of the sprayer, reaching an overpressure and leak.

My tap handle/aerator leaks or not closes correctly?

Probably a consequence of the cartridge. Ask the factory how to change it.

With the tap on, the resulting mixture have temperature fluctuations.

Occurs in the conventional one-handle/ two-handle taps when there are increases or decreases of pressure and flow in one of the 2 waters, as well as when there are oscillations of hot water temperature. Check the installation.

Does the thermostatic valve regulates the different pressures / flow and temperature that can occur while installing the faucet is turned on?

Yes, it is the advantage of the thermostatic faucet compared to the conventional single-lever mixer.

My tap splashes

Probably it is a faucet that does not incorporate aerator. Check the possibility of adding an aerator to your faucet or a flow regulator.

The guarantee covers any manufacturing defect?

Yes, 5 years for the quality of the chrome, tightness and perfect functioning of the faucet, as long as the origin of the defect was not due to improper use. The components have a 2 year warranty.

Does osmosi sinks purify water?

No, the osmosi clever faucet is designed to receive purified water from the auxiliary osmosis unit not supplied in the faucet. That's why they have an alternative outlet to the conventional mix.

Can harmful particles migrate to the water tap?

No, that's why our faucets have the sanitary certification ACS and we use a low percentage of Lead in the brass alloy, <1.6% according to European regulations.

Does the investor bathroom shower recovers low-pressure position?

Indeed, according to EN 817 the inverter must recover the initial position at pressures below 0.5 bar.

What flow do the clever taps have?

As a guideline and according to EN 817, the baths have a flow rate of> 20 lxm at 3 bar and the rest 12> lxm at 3 bar.

How can I save water / energy in a clever faucet?

Many of them already incorporate eco-efficient devices. If it does, check the compatibility of ECO cartridge, cold opening cartridge or aerators with flow limit.

How thick is the chrome of a Clever tap?

There is no direct relationship between + thickness = + resistance. We prefer to state that the taps clever resists 200h of salt spray without any defect according to EN 817.

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