Discover our integral manufacturing process.
The best materails, the best components and the best
quality controls to get the best faucet.

  • Design

    Designers start from an idea, from a conceptual line. From this concept, the design is created and endowed with the technology that will be included in the new piece, turning this design into a unique product with Clever identity.

  • Molds

    When our designers complete the design of a new faucet, proceed to make the mold and the sand core. We use the most advanced technology in our manufacturing processes to obtain the mold with the desired shape.

  • Raw material

    Brass is the raw material of our taps and complies with a low percentage of lead Pb <1,6% and tin Sn 0,3%. Each lot of raw material is checked before its foundry, to meet the strict quality standard that Clever brand.

  • Foundry

    Once the molds are manufactured and the raw material is checked, we proceed to the casting of the brass. We melt the raw material at the right temperature to be able to shape the desired faucet.

  • Cut

    When we remove the faucet from the mold, there is a loss of material around it. This surplus, carried out on purpose, is extracted by the cutting process for its better polishing later.

  • Sand core pullers extraction

    To eliminate the core of sand created to shape the interior of the faucets, we centrifugate the bodies with small vibrations for their correct extraction. Then, to remove any remaining sand, they are cleaned with pressurized air.

  • Machining

    To hold and add components such as cartridges, hoses, etc., it is necessary to have a space in the faucet to obtain the exact coupling. For this reason, we machined all the cavities and threads with high precision machines.

  • Testing

    We check the general and specific dimensions of each faucet, to verify the previous processes.

  • Polished

    We polish all surfaces of each faucet, both manually and with robotic arms, depending on the shapes and surface faces characteristic of each faucet.

  • Chroming

    The chrome phase is composed of 44 steps. To achieve maximum corrosion resistance it is very important and necessary to follow each step.

  • Mounting

    To finish the manufacturing process, the components are installed to the faucet, using dynamometric tools for their correct subjection.

  • Leak testing

    Once the faucet is already a reality, each of them is tested to verify its correct functioning.

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