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Faucets for your bathroom

Taps for your bathroom that will make you enjoy each space where you can relax and feel the emotion that inspires each element.
The taps play a fundamental role in your bathroom, are used daily and every detail makes the difference.

Basin mixers

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Bidet mixers

Imagen grifos de bidé

Bath-shower taps

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Bathroom accessories

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Imagen grifos termostáticos

Shower set

Imagen conjuntos de baño



Imagen grifos temporizados

With gerontological handle

Imagen grifos con maneta gerontológica


Imagen grifos individuales

Hygienic shower (Shattaf)

Imagen ducha higiénica (Shattaf)
Imagen buscar productos

Advanced search engine

Find your tap

Imagen mapa distribuidores

Where to find the product

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Augmented Reality App

Choose the style that best suits you

Thanks to the new Clever Faucet App you choose a faucet you will be much easier.

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