Discover the faucet that best suits your bathroom or kitchen

Discover the faucet that best suits your bathroom or kitchen

Choose your faucet with augmented reality. Use the marker to find out how it is before you install it and choose the one that fits you best.

We show you how the Augmented Reality APP works

You can now download your App on your Smartphone
Android or iOS

This is all you can see from your clever faucet app

Scan the packaging or the catalog

Access to the catalog on our mobile website

New kitchen taps incorporation

New ranges of bathroom taps

Check Availability with dealer Map

Marker to use Augmented Reality

Print the marker and scan it to see the faucet in AR

Scan the packaging label

Scans the page of the catalog that contains the AR logo

Focus the marker and you will see the product in real scale.

To see the product from the application you can focus the marker, previously selecting the product in the menu of the app or if you have a packagin or our catalog, you can also focus and see the product as in the images shown below.

You can rotate the product 360º to see the product and even see the product from different angles, without losing sight of the marker completely.

Huge bookmark, huge faucets!


In the last fair of Cevisama 2016, we decided to resize the marker, so as to bring the faucet another way to our customers. Look how well they spend it, playing with the size of the conventional tap.             


Logo icono de grifería clever

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